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Checks still dominate the world of business transactions. Offering ACH / e-Check payments is easier than ever with Benchmark. Our solutions can take place online, over the phone, in office, or in the field.

If your business currently takes physical checks, you’re living in the past. You spend time waiting for the check to arrive, entering it into your record keeping software, and depositing it into your bank account.

With Benchmark’s ACH services, you can now eliminate that entire process. Our ACH / e-Check Service allows you to receive checks electronically, and automatically enter them into your CMS or bookkeeping software. It also protects you from checks that could potentially bounce.


If you send or take monthly recurring payments, Benchmark’s ACH Services will save you time and money, bringing your business into the modern digital age.

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Benchmark Payment Networks provides electronic payments to merchants in all 50 states and in many countries. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services. We uniquely tailor our credit card processing programs for the special business needs of financial institutions, independent sales organizations, and agents, as well as for referral and reseller partners.

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