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Mitigation Services

Fraud Stinks.

Chargebacks disrupt business.

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Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 11.22.24

If left unchecked, fraud and chargebacks will steal profits and threaten your business’s access to the card brands. Credit card brands have constantly changing rules. This can be difficult for any business operator that does not have a dedicated chargeback department to monitor changes in a timely manner. Your biggest risk is taking no action.


Without professional help, these disputes can cost you additional penalty fees, and a lot of time dealing with the issues. Smart businesses proactively combat payment card fraud, prevent chargebacks before they happen, and fight chargebacks once they do. 


Outsource the headache of chargebacks and fraud to our dedicated teams.

Take Action. Take Control.

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No single security mechanism can protect against all possible fraud scenarios; which is

why Benchmark uses a systematic, layered approach to secure all transaction data.


We pool together best practices in both card-not-present transactions and high-risk industries, apply our in-depth knowledge of chargeback mitigation and fraud prevention, and design comprehensive solutions to address fraud and both sides of the chargeback issue – prevention and reversal.

Chargebacks present a major problem for many merchants. A chargeback occurs when a dissatisfied customer contacts their credit card issuer to dispute a charge. For a customer who has been victimized by fraud, through identity theft and/or a stolen credit card, a chargeback is their fallback option.


Customers can, however, personally dispute charges for other reasons; their order was not delivered on time, or they simply don’t recognize the merchant name on their credit card statement – known as friendly fraud.


Regardless of the reason, chargebacks can be harmful to any business and Benchmark is here to help with these issues. 

3D Secure

3D Secure is an authentication program rolled out by the credit card companies. It is designed to protect online merchants from fraud. The solution sits between the shopping cart and the gateway, authenticating transactions on the backend using consumer data when transactions get authenticated by the program. Liability shifts from the merchant to the card issuer in the case of fraud. 


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