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From Wall Street to Main Street, our team includes entrepreneurial business executives with extensive experience  in a variety of industries such as:

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Our Team

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Robert Smith


Hi everyone. I’m Robert the founder of this company. Over the past 15 years, Benchmark has developed and nurtured relationships with industry and banking partners to remain at the forefront of commerce and payment processing. Our vast knowledge of the industry, combined with our successful team and commitment to service excellence, have strengthened our reputation as visionaries in merchant services.  At Benchmark, our primary focus is to deliver reliable and secure payment solutions to help businesses succeed in an increasingly complex global marketplace. Our secondary focus is to set new standards in convenience, reliability and innovation by quickly adapting to changes in the payment ecosystem.

Michele Pasquarella

Chief Operating Officer


Hi. I am Michele and I oversee all aspects of day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Benchmark. In an industry where clients expect impeccable service, my point of differentiation is my hands-on approach and personal attention to the unique needs of every account - regardless of industry or size of business.  My responsibilities include, but are not limited to, application intake, underwriting, risk management, customer service, and deployment.  I am credited with building team morale, maintaining a positive work environment, all while being Benchmark's biggest cheerleader.


Liva Brong


I have worked in finance for over two decades, steadily working my way up from Accounts Receivable to Controller. I am responsible for managing the financial actions of Benchmark, including planning, forecasting, budgeting and reporting. I ensure all payments to vendors, referral partners and agents are paid on time, and all supporting reports are accurate and timely.

Erica Munno

Deployment & Customer

Service Manager


I am responsible for deploying terminals, POS systems and gateways for new merchant accounts. I understand the unique demands of our clients in today’s fast-paced marketplace and the importance of addressing any customer service issue on a timely basis with integrity and transparency.


Steven Cron

Executive Vice President

I have been in the merchant processing business for over 15 years. With my industry experience, knowledge and relationships, I can effectively address any processing challenge – including high risk merchant processing, global payment processing, fraud protection, and chargeback mitigation. At Benchmark, we stay relevant and competitive to ensure you maximize revenue and acceptance along the way efficiently and securely. I utilize the latest payment processing strategies, technology solutions, and compliance support, so that I can offer you a seamless integration with better hardware, improved software, competitive rates, and multiple service options.

Marc B. Freeman

Executive Vice President


I joined Benchmark in 2011 to help expand digital payment offerings to the finance and insurance benefits industries. I understand the unique payment processing requirements of these industries. By pooling together our best practices in card-not-present transactions and applying my expertise in chargeback mitigation and risk prevention, I can design convenient and secure e-commerce solutions. If you need an efficient payment solution with impressive security features while saving money, then I’m your guy.


Steve Ball

National Sales Manager

With over 15 years of credit card processing experience, I am well poised to effectively address all aspects of your electronic payment processing needs in today’s marketplace – no matter how simple or complex. I put a strong focus on developing long term, value added relationships with my clients that are driven by my core values of integrity, transparency and responsiveness. I have helped countless medical offices process credit card payments securely, while offering the lowest rates. Let me help you maximize revenue with efficient payment solutions.

Michael Della Terza

V.P. Business Development


After helping several small business owners obtain unsecured working capital in the heart of the '08 recession, I have continued to focus my efforts on the needs of small businesses, but in a different and significant way; namely, through offering merchant services. I work with business owners to optimize their transaction payments from anywhere – no matter how simple or complex. Our omni-channel payment processing capabilities enables businesses to accept customer payments across all sales channels and devices – whether via telephone, mobile, online or point-of sale – through a single payment platform. If your merchant processing solution is ineffective, costly or unreliable, or if your business is missing out on potential sales because you don’t take credit cards, then let me tailor a merchant service account for you.

Donna Korren

Director of Business Development


I’m celebrating my tenth year with Benchmark, where I have helped hundreds of companies significantly increase their bottom lines by reducing their credit card processing fees. Many of my clients have remained with me for a decade, which is uncommon in this industry. By being trustworthy, consultative, and laser-focused on the needs of my clients, I have built a loyal customer base. My clients include national retailers, online businesses, and associations and their members around the country. In 2020, I launched Change, a woman-owned payment processing company, in partnership with Benchmark.

Dave Jensen

National Sales Director


I’m the Dave everyone is referring to in the company testimonials. I utilize best practices in merchant processing to ensure your success in today’s competitive marketplace. It is my promise to help you maximize revenue and acceptance along the way safely and securely – whether your accepting payments in-store, online, across channels or through enterprise resource planning systems for any B2B or B2C customer.

Our team has the versatility and experience to handle any business in any industry. I can help your business reach its full potential while finding ways to maximize the lowest possible rates.


Loren Shuman

Director of Sales

I'm Loren, working out of beautiful Delray Beach in Florida. I specialize in helping your small business save money on credit card processing. From sales to strategic planning to new business development, I know how small businesses think.

Scott Tanker

Merchant Services Consultant


I've been involved in the merchant services industry for almost 15 years now. My forte is responsiveness and integrity. My mission is to  make my clients business easier when using any type of merchant service payment process. Credit cards, Checks, ACH transfers, ATM machines, E- Commerce Solutions, Zero Pay Solutions, Point of Sale Systems and more!


Bruce Silverman

Creator of Opportunities

I'm passionate about bringing business solutions to clients. Every business and industry is unique and I take the time to get to know my clients, their businesses and their needs to ensure the greatest opportunities for growth and revenue development. I call it a "concierge approach" to credit card processing.

Barry Levine

Managing Director


It has been 11 years since I joined Benchmark and the merchant processing world. I have seen seismic changes in the payment processing space in that time.  My values and dedication to my merchants has always remained the same, always putting their needs and their service requests first. Benchmark is a boutique company and the best way to distinguish ourselves from our competition is with our exemplary customer service. 


Max Cron

Sales & Marketing Director

I specialize in working with home service companies and ISV integrations. I actively engage in strategic initiatives such as trade shows, coaching groups, and technical demos to generate leads and support customers. I focus on client communication and sales, particularly in ISV solutions and partnerships, collaborating with payment processing providers to deliver the best solutions. Additionally, I conduct thorough research to evaluate and expand our range of payment processing offerings.

Jonas Nicoloff

Strategic Solutions


The payments industry is ever-evolving and I have made it my mission to keep abreast of compliant, cutting-edge solutions for your business. I work closely with you and your team to find payment solutions that make daily transactions smooth and P&Ls shine. From ISV integrations and e-Commerce to high-risk industries, I will find the right solution for your business and provide the responsive service experience that you deserve.

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