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POS Systems

Powerful Retail Systems Designed to Streamline Your Business

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Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 11.22.24

There's a lot that goes into running a business. From managing employees, advertising, keeping track of inventory and making sure your payment transactions are secure. 

Accepting payments and managing your business can be streamlined with Benchmark solutions.

Benchmark's wide selection of industry specific POS systems and platforms can help you run your business more efficiently, giving you more time to grow your business. 

POS Systems Customized for Your Industry

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POS Solutions to

Meet Your Needs

Personal Services

Never interrupt an appointment with our seamless payment processing.

Professional Services

Accept multiple payment options no matter where you are.

Grocery, Convenience Store, Markets

Ensure fast, easy and secure checkout lines.


Simplify billing and protect privacy.


Speed up your checkout time and take secure payments on the sales floor and beyond.

Prefer to Speak to a Team Member?


Fully Customizable

Manage Your Orders

  • Take Orders

    • In-house

    • Pickup

    • Delivery

  • No order is too complicated.

    • Open tabs

    • Split bills

    • Combine multiple orders 

  • Get the Details

    • Ring up and track item level sales

    • Apply discounts, taxes and more

  • Know your Customers

    • View Customer birthdays, order histories, and generate profiles with contact info

  • Get Private Feedback

    • Communicate with your customers privately and get feedback on their experience​

  • Reward Customers

    • Keep your customers coming back with loyalty programs

  • Engage and Communicate

    • Make announcements and send custom promotions and marketing campaigns to your customers via email or text

  • The Right Mix of Hardware

    • Select the stationary and portable devices that fulfill your needs.

  • The Right Mix of Software

    • Customize your POS system with the software features needed to run your business.

  • Enhance with Accessories & Apps

    • Add accessories and third-party apps to make your entire system more robust and efficient.

  • Manage Shifts and Schedules

    • Our POS systems make it simpler than ever to manage your entire staff and their schedules. Customize administrative functions, set individual and employee permissions based on your team's structure and responsibilities. 

  • Stay on Top of Register Activity

  • View Employees' Sales, Tips and Refunds

Process More Payments

Grow Your Customer Base

Oversee Your Team

POS Systems to Make Things Easy

  • Accept Them All

    • Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Gift Cards

    • NFC and Mobile Wallets 

  • Make It Easy

    • Offer digital receipts and one-touch tipping. Process refunds, returns, and exchanges quickly and easily. ​

  • Safe and Secure

    • Process faster and more secure. Online ordering and contactless payment ability.​

  • All the Extras​​

    • Automatically apply service or delivery charges to your payments​

Switching Takes Minutes.
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