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At Benchmark, we believe that the best way to achieve growth is through strong relationships with partners. That’s why we have developed some of the most innovative partner programs in the electronic payment processing industry. We put a strong focus on developing long-term, value-added relationships. In return, our programs create a new revenue stream for our partners when their referrals choose to do business with us.


We understand that your relationships with your referrals are vital to the success of your business and reputation. This is why we work with you closely to establish goals and evaluate each business opportunity on a case-by-case basis. We strive to help your referrals get exactly what they need to succeed and grow in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Enhance your Relationships While Earning Monthly Income as a Benchmark Trade Partner.

Referral Partners:

Benchmark offers referral partner programs and sales representative opportunities that create strong revenue growth while providing a great customer experience. We offer product support and dedicated resources to help your business grow and prosper, while sharing generously in the revenue stream. We offer full transparency reporting of residuals and merchant processing activity through our Customer Relationships Management (CRM) system.

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Sales Agents:

If you are interested in becoming a sales representative in this booming industry, we will give you the opportunity you need to grow your business – regardless of where you live or your previous sales experience. Our team has the industry experience, knowledge and relationships to address any challenges you may face.

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We Help our Clients Succeed

Whether you are an alliance partner, trusted advisor partner, referral agent, or sales rep, we are committed to helping you capture more business through competitive pricing, quick approvals and excellent customer service. We generously share the revenue stream with our competitive compensation structure.

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We support payment solutions to help commerce enterprises take any payment, any way, across all points of payment acceptance. It’s a promise to help them maximize revenue and acceptance along the way, safely and securely 
Whether they accept payments in-store, online, across channels or through enterprise resource planning systems for any B2B or B2C customer.

At Benchmark, our underlying core business will remain relevant and stay competitive as we continually refine the solutions we offer, and sales processes we use. We adapt to changes in industry standards, consumer behavior, customer values, and technology to ensure our success in the marketplace.

We Stay Relevant

and Competitive

Why Partner With Us

Benchmark Payment Networks provides electronic payments to merchants in all 50 states and in many countries. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services. We uniquely tailor our credit card processing programs for the special business needs of financial institutions, independent sales organizations, and agents, as well as for referral and reseller partners.

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