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Business Capital

Fast and Reliable for When

Business Gets Tough.

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Business Lines of Credit

Merchant Cash Advance

SBA Loans

Receivable Finances

Bridge Capital

Benchmark Can do What Banks Can't.

Tired of waiting on banks to provide the working capital you need for your business?

When your business is confronted with unexpected situations that appear beyond your control, or you simply need to make a large investment to grow your business, Benchmark Payment Networks business capital program can provide you with the financial relief you need.

Cut the Red Tape & Bureaucracy

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Lines of Credit

When your business is confronted with unexpected situations that appear beyond your control, Benchmark’s line of credit program can provide you with the financial relief you need. We can shorten the underwriting process of asset-based lending because we secure your revolving lines of credit with your company’s assets:

  • Accounts receivable

  • Existing inventory

  • Equipment

  • Real estate

This quicker turnaround time, compared with traditional bank financing, means you will have your funds sooner to meet any business shortfalls. This working capital option offers you the flexibility to draw down on the line, or more quickly obtain an increase in the line, at different times, and for different purposes. You can also utilize the funds for virtually any business endeavor with no restrictions. The possibilities are endless.

Merchant Cash Advance Services

Benchmark has taken asset-based lending principles one step further by applying this concept to leveraging future revenue. This innovative financing solution provides you with a merchant cash advance – not a loan – by leveraging your future credit card sales and future bank deposits.


This type of cash advance is not related to any specific collateral and is simply repaid through your business’ earnings.

Reap the benefits of our flexible and affordable repayment structure, as they are determined by your daily cash flow. We automatically debit a fixed payment from your business bank account at an agreed upon interval, so you won’t have to worry about missing due dates.


This capital option might be the best fit if your sales fluctuate or if your business is seasonal, as the availability of funds mirrors your cash flow.

With payback periods of typically six to eighteen months, we solve your short-term cash flow needs without creating new problems. In addition, you may qualify for a renewal at your option.


Small Business Loans

A term loan, also known as a small business loan, is the most common form of funding. With a term loan, we can fix the outstanding balance for a period ranging from three to eighteen months. Whether you need funds for marketing campaigns, seasonal hiring, location expansion or new product development, we will work with you to determine the appropriate sized funding amount and the optimal payment schedule for your business. Our funding process is fast and easy, unlike the lengthy process from a traditional bank. We focus on getting you approved so your business can thrive.

Spot Factoring

Benchmark offers spot factoring services to those businesses that have occasional working capital needs due to seasonality or large contracts. This funding alternative is considered an advance against your invoices and not a loan.


It’s a perfect way to bridge the gap between your invoices and collection.


When you require money, you simply assign your accounts receivable to us and receive an advance. Our spot factoring services give you flexibility so you only factor invoices when you need the money, giving you the confidence to fulfill larger orders. Let us help you turn your receivables into cash now, and gain the working capital and peace of mind your company requires to succeed.


Speaking with a Finance Specialist is easy.

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