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Software Partnerships

One-Stop-Shop for all your Payment needs

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 11.22.24
Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 11.22.24

CRM, ERP, Billing, ISV Partnerships are our Bread and Butter.

We partner with software providers to adopt value-added services, and address customers’ preference for omni-channel commerce. We know that your software aims to help businesses manage their operations easily and digitally, and that's where we come in as partners. From payments via email or text, invoicing, bill-pay, POS systems, payments in the field and more, we bring software solutions state-of-the-art backend processing and frontend hardware all while adding an additional revenue stream to your business.

How We Consult


We decide on pricing, revenue share, and how to best move forward. Then we integrate our systems together. Now you have the most modern payment solutions for your users.

Why Benchmark?

Online Application

Credit Card and ACH in one application, that is sent straight to underwriting (no time delay in setting your users up)

Omni-channel Payments

Email Invoices, POS Systems, In-Field Payments, Online Bill Pay and More

Revenue Share

We give partners a profit! We have partners with 6 figure revenue streams.

Pass the Fee

Give users the option to pass the credit card fees to their customers, with ACH as a no fee alternative.

24/7/365 Service and Support

Developer Friendly Stack 

Configurable API-Integration, Simple Endpoints,

Level 1 PCI Security, Scalable to Millions of Users

Schedule a Call to see if we would make a great partner.


We meet to discuss your needs, what your users needs are, and if there is opportunity on both our ends for a partnership.


Technical Feasability:

We bring our CTO on to meet with your developers to hash out exactly what integration looks like.

INSPECTAGATOR - Jon and Bobbi-Lynn Bolto

Jon & Bobbi

Business Owners 

Switching to Benchmark has been the best decision we have made as a company! Again, I wanted to thank Benchmark for always being there when we needed advice or help.

ComfortSpec - Jason Damato.jpeg

Jason D.

Business Owner

All I can say is wow! The money we saved from switching is amazing. Definitely a great addition to any organization.

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 12.29.10

Hank & Mary

Business Owners

We have reduced our processing fees from $1200 - $1600 a month to under $100 and no customers had anything negative to say about it.

Take a Look at our Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to set up?

We have had partners integrate our system in as quick as 10 days, but from our first meeting to integration to onboarding is usually 30-45 days.

Does it work with all payment types?

Yes. Our services work with credit cards, debit cards, ACH, gift cards, iOS Apple pay, Android pay and more.

Can I still keep my other processing integrations?

Yes. However, when we White Label Solutions for partners, we offer exclusivity with a much higher revenue share opportunity.

What are your credit card / ACH rates?

During our pricing discussion, we transparently communicate our rates, how as a partner we can profit from them, and what the opportunities are for profit overall. Our prices are competitive with Stripe, Square, Paypal and mostly every payment processor in the industry.

Isn't it time to unlock more revenue through payments?

Starting the Conversation Takes Minutes.

Speak with a team member 
to get started.

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