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INSPECTAGATOR - Jon and Bobbi-Lynn Bolto

Jon & Bobbi-Lynn

Business Owners

We just wanted to take this time to say thank you!!!  From the moment we switched to Benchmark, Dave has never left our side!  Even when we have annoying questions or need him to explain it

to us for the 4th time, he is always so very kind, patient, and respectful. Recently, we had a situation that highly concerned us. Dave stepped up and was on it IMMEDIATELY. I was honestly taken back by his promptness and making it his highest priority to fix for us!

Switching to the Zero Cost Program made us very nervous; worried that we would get a lot of push back from clients, as well as negative comments.  The E-Check option is perfect!  Giving our customers that free option has made a huge difference. So far, we have not received any push back or negative comments... I HIGHLY recommend Benchmark, especially Dave and his customer service!!!!  :)

Switching to Benchmark has been the best decision we have made as a company!

Again, I wanted to thank you Dave for always being there when we needed advice, help, or understanding.  You always make us feel that we are your only customer.  You are truly appreciated by all of us here at Inspectagator!

Elizabeth & Justin

Business Owners


We joined up with Dave from Benchmark back in the fall of Nov. 2019. I was a bit concerned about switching over to charging the clients the technology fee, but we have had little pushback and being able to offer the ACH as well has been very helpful! Dave and his team were extremely thorough in the set-up of the merchant services, including all the disclaimers/emails and notices to the clients that are required. As we’ve had questions along the way, we’ve had very quick replies from Dave & his team too! Great services make our world easier as small business owners, would highly recommend! 

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ComfortSpec - Jason Damato.jpeg

Jason D.

Business Owner

We have been working with Benchmark for a few years now and

all I can say is wow! The money we saved from switching is amazing. They were prompt to set us up, got us up and running quickly and are always there to help.


Definitely a great addition to any organization.

Hank & Mary

Business Owners

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 12.29.10

 A Radiant Property Inspection based in St Petersburg FL has been using Benchmark for over two years now and things keep getting better and better!!  


We switched to Benchmark at a time in our business when we were growing and needed a point of contact that was accessible and had aggressive rates.  But wait it gets better, we were one of the first companies to change over to ZERO fee credit card processing.  My initial reaction was “I don’t think so”, people are going to complain about the fee being added to their inspection cost.  We were willing to give it a try if there was a Free ACH option and David made that happen!!  We have reduced our processing fees from $1200 - $1600 a month to under $100 and no customers had anything negative to say about it.


I would highly recommend using Benchmark to integrate with your scheduling processing system, they care about your success!!

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