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Field Services: Why You're Losing Money on Credit Card Processing

Your business is 100% losing money every single time you accept payments.

From plumbers, home inspectors, pool cleaning services, or any other service where you go out into the field to service a person’s home or business you need to get with modern times, and quit paying payment processing fees.

Each time a customer pays for your service, you are paying a fee to credit card companies. This fee can be anywhere from around 2.5% to 3.5%, which is eating away at your profits.

It’s as simple as eliminating that processing fee, that can save your business a ton of money every single month.

Our solution enables your business to not pay this processing fee ever again. One of our home inspectors, Jerry, saved over $72,000 in processing fees in 2020. That’s the type of savings your business can’t afford to be missing out on.

Here’s the breakdown of how it works.

If your business works in the field, we understand how important it is that you get paid securely, quickly, and wherever your business takes you. With Benchmark, you are able to set up email invoices, recurring payments, and most importantly, you can take payments in office, or even in the field at the time of service.

Additionally, your business can save money on credit card processing costs. Instead of your business paying the credit card processing fee, our technology automatically adds the fee to your customers transaction. And, as always, your customers have the option to pay via cash or check to avoid the fee.

The difference is, to customers it’s a pretty small fee, but when hundreds of customers are paying for your processing, by the end of the month, it adds up to a lot of money saved. Our software is able to connect with your CRM, and is legal and compliant in all 50 states.

So what are you waiting for? You’re losing money every day that you don’t switch to Benchmark.

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