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Home Inspectors Save Tons of Money and Have This to Say

Home inspectors are some of our best customers, and for good reason. We are able to save home inspectors so much money by helping them eliminate credit card processing fees. Here’s a bit of background of how we met A Radiant Property Inspection and how we saved them tons.

“We met Dave and Steve at an MIC event back in 2018. We were hesitant to switch processors, but Dave was quite persistent. So, we finally gave in.

But, I can honestly say, we are so happy that we did.

For any home inspection company out there that is hesitant to move to Zero Cost Processing, PLEASE read this. We were Benchmark’s first Home Inspection Zero Cost Processing customer. Dave and Steve’s service goes above and beyond any processor we have ever worked with in the past. If I have a question, or a problem, Dave answers and resolves my issue seemingly instantly. I can text him, or call him, and have 100% confidence that he will respond immediately. We all know how important customer service is in our industry, and Benchmark is a shining example of superior customer service. I really can’t say enough about how easy they have made this for us.

A Radiant Property Inspection based in St Petersburg FL has been using Benchmark for over two years now and things keep getting better and better!!

We switched to Benchmark at a time in our business when we were growing and needed a point of contact that was accessible and had aggressive rates. My initial reaction was “I don’t think so”, people are going to complain about the fee being added to their inspection cost. We were willing to give it a try if there was a Free ACH option and David made that happen!! We have reduced our processing fees from $1200 - $1600 a month to under $100 and no customers had anything negative to say about it.

I would highly recommend using Benchmark to integrate with your scheduling processing system, they care about your success!!”

If your home inspection company is interested in saving money every single month, try a savings analysis to see how much you can save, or give us a call today!

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